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Goals and Objectives

Here at Landmark Medical Center, we believe that treating residents more as students rather than employees will shape an atmosphere that is conducive for learning while also helping to reach all goals, objectives, and expectations for program. In return, we expect dedication, hard work, and honesty to maintain the highest of standards. Our aim is to provide the best education that will help complete internal medicine training and to mold residents into caring, ethical physicians who will fulfill the duty of their profession to society and uphold the high moral standards of the profession.

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The overarching goal is to train residents to become competent and proficient in the independent practice of general internal medicine.

  •   At the completion of training, it is expected that residents will
    • Manage the care of patients with acute common, chronic and complex diseases across multiple care settings.
    • Provide age-appropriate screenings and preventative care.
    • Resuscitate, stabilize, and care for unstable or critically ill patients.
    • Provide general internal medicine consultation to non-medical specialties and provide peri-operative care.
    • Lead and work within inter-professional healthcare teams and managed care transitions.
    • Facilitate the learning of patients, families, and members of the interdisciplinary team.
    • Demonstrate a desire and ability to improve the quality of healthcare at both the individual and systems level.
    • Advocate for individual patients and work to enhance patient safety.
    • Demonstrate professional behavior and personal habits of lifelong learning.


Our program is dedicated to providing an inclusive experience for all trainees regardless of age, gender identify, ethnicity, race, religion or sexual orientation. Developing a culture of inclusion will allow us to provide compassionate culturally sensitive care to the community we serve. As we build the program and ensure diversity in our recruitment, we want to ensure diversity in our faculty and residency program. Through didactics, we will have a series of seminars spanning all training years focusing on diversity and social determinates of health. Resources will include on-line learning related to diversity and equality.