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Cardiac Care

Whether you or your loved one need routine cardiac care or require sudden, unexpected care, Landmark Medical Center is here for you.

We know from our own personal experiences that the need for medical care can sometimes catch us all by surprise. Should the time come that you or your family need medical attention, you will become part of our family here at Landmark. We will diagnose the problem and then put you on the road to recovery.

For further information, contact us at 401-769-4100.

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About Our Cardiac Program

  • Landmark Medical Center is one of only three hospitals in Rhode Island that is equipped to treat STEMI heart patients. Heart attacks are classified as STEMI (segment elevation myocardial infarction) or non-STEMI depending on the severity, and each requires a different treatment protocol. A STEMI heart attack occurs when there is a complete blockage in a coronary artery; a non-STEMI heart attack occurs with a partial blockage.
  • Medical research shows that optimal treatment for a heart attack should begin within one hour of the onset of symptoms. This golden hour is crucial for reducing mortality and preventing heart damage. Having a quality program so close to home will ensure that our patients will be more likely to get the care they need within this important time frame.
  • In 2009, Rhode Island became the 44th state to allow elective angioplasty at hospitals that do not offer an open-heart surgery program with the Rhode Island Department of Health’s approval of Landmark Medical Center’s elective angioplasty program. Treatment guidelines for heart attack patients have changed quite a bit in the past decade, but the fact remains that access to timely treatment saves lives will never change. Landmark’s model of care for heart attack patients is consistent with national trends and follows strict protocols to ensure high-quality care.