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Case Management/ Clinical Social Work Services

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Case Management

What Is Case Management?

Upon admission, all patients are assigned a case manager who assists them in navigating their healthcare options. All Landmark case managers are registered nurses. Coverage is provided seven days a week, 16 hours a day.

With an overriding goal of improving quality of care, case managers collaborate with all members of your healthcare team in developing an effective plan of care to maximize your health and comfort. Case managers help keep all members of your healthcare team informed about tests, evaluations, and treatments performed during your stay. They also assist you and your family in understanding your healthcare options. In addition, case managers work with your insurance provider to ensure that you receive all the coverage to which you are entitled and to obtain necessary approvals.

For more information about Case Management at Landmark Medical Center, please call (401) 769-4100, Ext. 2859.


While your doctor makes the ultimate decision as to when it is appropriate for you to leave the hospital, your case manager helps facilitate the process and coordinates any follow-up care after you are discharged from the hospital. Your case manager can help you and your family find placement in nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities, arrange for home health care or at-home medical equipment, coordinate rehabilitative services, or make referrals to government and community resources.

Clinical Social Work

What Does a Landmark Clinical Social Worker Do?

Our clinical social workers are licensed, professionally trained (MSW, MA) members of Landmark Medical Center’s multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers. They provide crisis intervention, support and information and referral services to patients and families coping with the impact of physical and mental health issues and hospitalization.

There are many situations with which our Clinical Social Workers can assist you with the appropriate services and support.

Some examples include assisting with the:

  • Impact of illness and disability on the patient and family
  • Adjustment to the roles of being a patient or caregiver
  • Separation from family, friends, and the workplace
  • Financial impact of illness and hospitalization
  • Learning about available community resources
  • Learning about new coping strategies
  • Dispositional planning and goal setting

Upon referral, a social work clinician will see each patient privately to discuss their specific needs. Please note there are no additional charges for these services.

With the patient’s approval, the clinical social work will speak with the family to obtain further information about needs and concerns to help with coping/planning.

To reach a Landmark Clinical Social Worker, please call 401-769-4100, Ext. 2099.