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Women’s Imaging Center

Landmark Medical Center offers the latest in 3D Mammography services.

Early detection is crucial for breast cancer prevention and treatment, said Eric LaChance, Director of Radiology Services. Digital mammograms provide the latest, most advanced technology available for breast imaging. We are so pleased to offer this service to women in our community.

Mammograms play a central part in the early detection of breast cancer because they can detect changes in the breast that may be early signs of cancer, but are too small or too subtle to be felt.

For further information, contact us at  401-769-4100, Ext. 2006.

3D mammography machine

With 3D mammography, the exam from the patient’s perspective is nearly identical; however, the quality of the images produced is greatly enhanced. Digital mammography uses computers and specially designed digital detectors to produce an image that can be displayed on a high-resolution computer monitor in a matter of seconds, and then transmitted and stored just like computer files.

There is no waiting time for film to develop and, even more importantly, the radiologist can manipulate the images by adjusting the brightness, changing contrast, or zooming in for close-ups of specific areas of interest. This allows for better detection of subtle signs of early cancer. Further, the digital images can be easily stored, copied without any loss of information, and transmitted and received in a more streamlined manner.

3D mammography

In the past five years, Landmark Medical Center has invested in new equipment, upgraded facilities, and expanded technology in our Radiology department, said Michael Souza, CEO of Landmark Medical Center. Adding 3D mammography is the latest advancement in our ongoing efforts to expand and enhance the scope of services available to our community.

To schedule an appointment for a mammogram at Landmark Medical Center, please call 401-769-4100, Ext. 2006. Evening and weekend appointments are available for your convenience.

Mammography & Breast Cancer Facts

  • Mammography screening is the best way to detect breast cancer in its earlier stages and saves lives.
  • Screening mammography reduces breast cancer mortality 25 to 30 percent for women ages 50 to 70 and 18 percent for women ages 40 to 50.
  • Four out of every 10 women do not get annual mammograms.
  • Breast cancer, when detected early, can be cured.
  • The five-year survival rate for localized breast cancer is 97 percent.
  • The 12-year survival rate is 95 percent for cancers detected when less than 1 cm in size.
  • A woman’s chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime is 1 in 8.
  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, aside from skin cancer.
  • Only lung cancer causes more cancer deaths in women.