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Robert Lussier didn’t know he was in trouble – but his fellow pinochle players at a local club did. Lussier was having a stroke and recalls he just sort of “faded out,” and that caused his fellow players to become alarmed.

“I just started talking kind of silly,” the 82-year-old city resident said this week. Lussier’s brother Bert and his friends took him right home and once there his wife of 59 years, Estelle, also suspected something was wrong.

“They brought me to get her and she brought me to the hospital,” Lussier said. Estelle said this week that she knew Landmark Medical Center was the place her husband needed to be when she saw him and it turned out she was right once she and Bert got him there. “They took him in right away and said he was having a stroke,” she said.

The experience turned out alright for the Lussiers because they did go to the hospital immediately and Landmark’s ER team ended up with the time needed to conduct an effective stroke intervention with the help of a blood clot-busting medication.

His treatment was conducted under Landmark’s stroke protocol that sets priorities for a patient’s diagnosis and treatment in the quickest period of time possible, Read More…