ER Wait Time: 23 minutes | If you are having a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.
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Emergency Services

Landmark Medical Center provides 24-hour Emergency Room Services at the Woonsocket Campus located at 115 Cass Avenue, Woonsocket where a qualified physician, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner is always available to treat your medical need.

The Landmark Emergency Department is equipped to handle the most severe emergencies. An emergency is defined as any problem or condition requiring immediate medical treatment, including a heart attack, poisoning, burns, severe or sudden pain, significant changes in breathing, emotional distress, or injuries suffered in an automobile accident or from a violent act or fall.

To reach the Emergency Department at the Landmark, please call 401-769-4100, Ext. 2180., Ext. 2180.

About Our ER Wait Time

ER wait time is the average wait time for a patient to see a registered nurse during the triage (evaluation) process in our ER. After patients are triaged (evaluated), they are seen by qualified medical professionals in priority order, according to their medical condition and reason for visit. Times are approximate and provided for information purposes only.

In order to aid us in giving you with the best possible care, we ask that you consider the following:

  • Upon entering the ED, you or a family member should be able to provide a list of your current allergies and medications (with dosages).
  • We require written permission from a parent for treatment of children under your care. We can provide you with permission slips to take home.
  • You may wish to call your physician before seeking emergency or urgent care. Many insurance plans place restrictions on what is considered a valid reason to seek immediate treatment. If it is potentially dangerous to take the time to call your physician, come to the Emergency Department immediately. Please use “911” appropriately and only in cases where you feel you are at a health risk.
  • Please respect “No Smoking” and “Visitor” policies. To ensure the privacy of our patients and allow adequate space for treatment, visitors are limited in the treatment areas. However, parents may remain with a child. We do understand your concern for the health and well-being of your family member or friend, but confidentiality laws do not allow us to discuss certain aspects of a patient’s care.
  • Either you or a family member will be asked to provide information to expedite care, even if you have been treated at Landmark before.
  • We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding while waiting for treatment. Please realize that we must treat patients with more severe conditions first and that patients transported to the Emergency Room Department at the Woonsocket Unit by rescue or ambulance arrive through a separate entrance. Thus, you may not be aware of their arrival.

To reach the Emergency Department at the Landmark, please call 401-769-4100, Ext. 2180.

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