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Education and Responsibilities

The faculty and staff are dedicated to the training of physicians and protecting the safety of patients. Part of the training includes the teaching and performance of procedural skills. The goals and objectives for each rotation outline expected outcomes in terms of medical knowledge and procedural skills. These goals and objectives are known to both the resident and attending physicians. At the end of each rotation, residents are evaluated by the supervising physician assessing the aptitude and progress of each resident. The program has adopted a 360-evaluation system in which several individuals who worked directly with the resident are also requested to evaluate, among other things, knowledge and skills.

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The program director meets semi-annually with each resident and has several resources that assist in determining progress in achieving the goals of residency. Expectations for resident performance increases each year based on the assumption that the trainee has earned progressive authority and responsibility as noted in their actions. In addition, the program is structured to recognize and assess resident performance at each level of training. The faculty will review the residents’ notes in the medical records providing feedback on completeness and accuracy of records as well at statistics from standard quality indicators in internal medicine.

Starting with the annual orientation program for residents and throughout the year, the program emphasizes ongoing education in transitions of care and hand off practices. The process will be observed by attending physicians and/or core faculty ensuring the accuracy of this process. Residents will demonstrate clinical competence in patient care, medical knowledge, interpersonal and communication skills, professionalism, practiced-based learning, and system-based learning and improvement.